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Women's Head Basketball Coaches:

Again this year, the NCAA is providing online access to complete this requirement through its educational partner, ArbiterSports. Throughout the season, coaches will be able to access this website to view the information that is shared with basketball officials, whether it is rule interpretations, officiating educational videos, or any important messages that are directed to the officiating community.

Mandatory Requirement:  All head basketball coaches are required to view their respective video in its entirety.  Coaches must register before viewing the presentation.  The website automatically tracks when a coach has completed watching each chapter of the officiating video.

Penalty for non-compliance:  If a Division I institution’s head basketball coaches are unable or choose not to view the basketball rules changes and education video, the institution will be required to send a full-time basketball coaching staff member to attend one of the regional officiating clinics.  In Divisions II and III, the institution will be fined $600 if the coach is unable or chooses not to view the video.

Deadline for completion:  November 6th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET.


Instructions for Viewing the 2013-14 NCAA Basketball Rules and Officiating Video

  • The video is viewable on personal computers and Android and iOS mobile devices
  • The video is approximately 50 minutes in length
  • If you have any problems or issues in viewing these videos, please call ArbiterSports Technical Support at 801-576-9436 or email us at
  • Your completion of the video will be reported to the NCAA.


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