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NCAA Women's Basketball Coaches Video
  • 9/30/2019

    October 1, 2019


    November 4, 2019 at 5 PM ET




    This year's video is 36 minutes long.  Please allow time to watch it in one sitting.  If you exit and return, you will be required to start over at the beginning.  To ensure credit for viewing the video, do not exit the video until you reach the end of the last slide and see "Completion criteria have been met" at the top of your screen.


    Registration is required to view the coaches video.  Registering will add you to an email list so you receive notifications as new videos and information become available.  Click the Register button to complete your registration.

    After registering you will need to go to the Coaches Video and enter your information in the Guestbook to access the video.


    Before viewing the video, you MUST click the following two links: 

    1)  Minimum system requirements; and 

    2)  Test your device for compatibility.

    If you're still having issues viewing the video, AFTER clicking the two links above, please click the ASSISTANCE Tab at the top of the page.

    Penalty for non-compliance of mandatory requirement:  If a Division I institution’s head basketball coach is unable or chooses not to view the basketball rules changes and education video, the institution will be required to send a full-time basketball coaching staff member to attend one of four future regional officiating clinics.  The clinics are typically held on weekends beginning in September and ending sometime in October.  The clinic dates will be posted during the summer.  Please contact Lynne Andrew ( regarding attending one of these clinics.  In addition, failure to watch the video may jeopardize your conference from receiving their Automatic Qualification into the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship.  For Divisions II and III, the institution will be fined $600 if the coach is unable or chooses not to view the video.

    The video is viewable on both personal computers and mobile devices. After clicking the Watch Video button, you will be required to complete the Guestbook information.  This will allow the NCAA to track your video completion status.  

    You won't be able to rewatch, rewind, or fast forward the video, but you may download it by clicking the "More" link in the viewer.

    After viewing the video in its entirety and seeing a green dot and the Completion Criteria Have Been Met message at the top of your screen, close the browser tab in which you are viewing the video.  After closing the tab, you will see an on-screen completion window, with an option to save and print your certificate of completion.  A copy of your certificate will also be emailed to you.  Save a copy in case your completion status needs to be verified.  It may take up to one hour to receive your emailed Certificate of Completion.


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